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Welcome to Ebazaar

What is EBAZAAR??

Ebazaar India is an international  company who is helping grow your business online .Ebazaar India is especially designed  for seller with awesome tools for  selling easily online.

Ebazaar India currently have 200+sellers.

Welcome to india is an online shopping platform in that you can sell your products and you can buy products.We know that due to lockdown many stores are closed. Seller are worried about reopen their shops,so for them Ebazaar is very good online platform.

For buyer why Ebazaar is good ??? So don”t worry buyers ,we are also here for you ,you will get good quality product ,you will also get discount or discount coupon etc. 

For seller ,don”t  worry seller about delivery setup and charges you can see below steps.

Now steps for setup your delivery charges:

1.Go to website

and click on right side or you can see below.

2.Now login or register account on can below.

3.After login you moves on next page.on next page you click on store manager  that you see below.

4.After that you click on setting and shipping or you can see below.

5.After that you see this page just click on add shipping methods. can see this page in that you click on add shipping method.

7.After that  if you want free delivery then click on free shipping 

If you want give charges on delivery then click on flat rate.

8.In below you give amount of shipping charges in that i mention 15rs charge you can give any amount as per your product. can see above  steps complete it after this you just click on save method settings 

just go through this steps you can easily add your shipping/delivery charges.

You can see below video for more understand.


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