Frequently Asked Questions


What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Ebazaar India offers all type of shipping methods e.g. COD,Flat rate,Local Pickup & international shipping too.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, Ebazaar India also ships internationally because ebazaar is an international company and successfully doing business in more than 16 countries.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Package?

Normally ebazaar fulfill your order within 1 to 3 days but sometimes it will take up to a week for shipping. Ebazaar India also offers premium shipping service so you will receive your package faster without delays which will cost you little higher.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Ebazaar India accepts all the payment methods like Credit, Debit, and all type of online payment methods, Also ebazaar India also accepts COD orders.

Is Buying On-Ebazaar is Safe?

Ebazaar is a globally trusted brand and International company and successfully serving almost 3.2+ Billion customers globally. Ebazaar is completely safe to do shopping and selling online.

Order & Retunrs

How do I place an Order on Ebazaar India?

whoa, easy there fella!! there is nothing to be confused. Just search what you want to buy on ebazaar and add it to your cart. Simply do a checkout and ebazaar India will fulfil your order.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order On Ebazaar India?

If you had placed an order by mistake or selected the wrong product on ebazaar, Simply go to your account page on ebazaar India and then you will see "X" icon, Click on it to remove or cancel order OR go to contact page and create a ticket.

Do I need an account to place an order on Ebazaar?

Yes, You need to create your customer account on ebazaar India to place an order and it's recommended to create your customer account on ebazaar so you don't have to fill your delivery/shipping address again and again. You can also create your ebazaar India customer account during checkout,my account page and also you can use your social media account e.g. google or facebook.etc to sign up on ebazaar India.

How Do I Track My Order?

Ebazaar India gives you live tracking of your orders. You will receive SMS updates/emails and also if you want to check manually you can log in to your ebazaar India account and then on top you will see the "Track my order" option. Simply enter your order ID and ebazaar will show you the status of the order. Also you can check out the status of your order on ebazaar by going to my account page then navigate to "Orders"

How Can I Return a Product?

If you're not satisfied with the product or want to place a replacement. Simply go my account and then on orders. You will see refund/replacement option in front of your placed order. Simply click on a refund if you want to take a refund or click on the replacement button and then it will be approved by the vendor of ebazaar soon.
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